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Making Matchmaker - The Sound of Muzak

Richard Franke

Today we thought we'd bring you a first look behind the scenes of how we made Kitty Powers' Matchmaker, starting with the music.

We spent a long time looking for the perfect title music for the game. Not too energetic (as that would become annoying), cheesy enough to fit the mood but expensive sounding, and of course distinctly British.

Then we happened to be watching Spaced for about the third time, and heard the perfect music. Right after the ad break in episode two of season 1. It was gold. Here's that moment in Spaced (If you haven't seen Spaced you really ought to watch it. You can find out about it here on IMDB).

Season 1, Episode 2 of Spaced, where the house party is about to start...

Season 1, Episode 2 of Spaced, where the house party is about to start...

Thank goodness for Shazam. We discovered that the track was 'Red Carpet Ride' by a guy called John Shakespeare and were overjoyed to discover that it was production music, which made it a bit more affordable to license. It was created in the 1970's so has that authentic big band quality (you can hear it on Youtube here).

We also found the series of albums on the KPM label (you can read more about them here) that the track came from, so we scoured them and found the second major piece of music too. It's called 'Full Flight' by Syd Dale. It's a bit more upbeat and fabulous as we needed something for our 'game show' style screens (you can hear it here).

Most of the rest of our tracks were sourced from the Audio Network and a couple of others from EMI's world music collection.

We hope you enjoyed this little insight into the music in Kitty Powers' Matchmaker. Stay tuned for more 'Making Matchmaker' stories by subscribing to our blog!