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We found the dungeon map! Of EGX 2014!

Richard Franke

The excitement is building! The people are asking! Will I be able to see Kitty Powers? Can I fight through her hordes of fans? Will they fit her hair through the door?

Well all these questions and more will be answered (and probably a lot more asked) in just TWO DAYS when EGX 2014 opens its doors!

We can make things a little easier for you, Kitty's Kittens, because EGX has just published the floor map of the show!

You can find us on the upper floor, in the purple Rezzed area:

EGX 2014! How will they fit Kitty's hair into that tiny purple bit!?

We suspect it will take at least three burly men to get Kitty and her hair up the escalators, but we're sure she'll cope.

Come along and see us to try and win an exclusive Kitty Powers' Matchmaker t-shirt, or take away one of Kitty's 'booby' prizes, a Kitty Powers' Matchmaker badge!