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Behind the Scenes with CupQuake!

Richard Franke

Hello Kittens!

A few days before Hallowe'en 2015 I found myself in Los Angeles on vacation. So while I was in town I arranged to film a special episode of CupQuake's Let's Play Kitty Powers' Matchmaker!

So I got up early to put on my make up and outfit and then we went to visit CupQuake and Red at their home studio where they film their videos!

We filmed a behind the scenes video which you can see below!

The Let's Play video came out really well. It was jolly good fun, Tiffany and Mario are both super lovely! You can see that video right here too!

We're working on lots of new content for you so keep watching my Youtube channel here: Kitty's Youtube Channel

See you soon Kittens! <3