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Kitty Powers' Matchmaker/Minecraft Fan Art!

Richard Franke

Something amazing happened last night.

I was getting ready for bed and I got a message on Facebook. It was from a fan of Kitty Powers' Matchmaker. As I scrolled down the messages I had the biggest nerdgasm ever and my heart melted.

Uriel López from Querétaro, México has sent us none other than 'Kitty Powers Matchmaker in the style of Minecraft' Fan Art!

Here's the Exterior:

Here's the Lobby!

Here's the Hot Seat!

Here's the Salon!

And we've saved the best till last...'s the Kitty Powers Minecraft skin!

Kitty looks good in pixels AND voxels!

Kitty looks good in pixels AND voxels!

Now that we know Kitty Powers looks good in pixels (thanks to Dan Emmerson) AND voxels there'll be no stopping her!

It really touches our hearts when someone takes the trouble to make fan art of our creation. Kitty almost cried! Except that she had her tear ducts removed to stop her make up running. 

The gauntlet has been thrown down now! Can YOU beat Uriel's effort? How many other nerdy things can Kitty Powers be rendered in the style of?

Our imaginations boggle!