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Kitty Powers' Love Life Update!

Richard Franke

Well hello kittens, it's Kitty Powers here!

I bet you'd thought I'd done a runner, didn't you! Here at Magic Notion, we've been beavering away at the game trying to get it shipshape enough to show you! Unfortunately, it's taking a little longer than we though but that's game development for you!

The good news is that the game is approaching alpha, and we're now in a position to give you more details about the gameplay!

As you may or may not know, the game is set in a quaint little English village, but this time the village is being built by YOU! All under my watchful eye, of course!

After the success of my Matchmaking empire I've decided to expand the business to 'Love Villages' where newly matched couples can move into an environment where YOU will nurture their relationships to fruition! In this game you are not a Matchmaker but a Landlord, Relationship Counsellor and Life Coach!

This involves building houses of many styles and types and moving new couples into them! You'll also have to build 'Places of Interest' for them to work, play and spend time with their partners and friends! Oh, and enemies. Did I mention enemies? Eek! Hopefully, with your expert guidance, it won't come to that!

You'll have to guide them through thick and thin, set them on the right track when they have problems, and look after their emotional needs! All this and more will be required to get them to relationship Nirvana!

Anyway, here are some lovely screenshots to get you in the mood... for Kitty Powers' Love Life!

Obviously all of this will happen with the usual silly humour that you've come to expect from me and the team at Magic Notion. We'll be updating you with more details over the coming weeks as the game takes more shape, so don't worry about that!

Feel free to ask questions on our various social media channels! You can find me, Love Life and Magic Notion on Facebook, and me and Magic Notion on Twitter. You can also follow me on Instagram!

Lots of love,

Kitty Powers xxx