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Kitty Powers' Speed Date - Love-O-Tron 3000!

Allan Franke

Hello, Kittens! Here I am again, with another little snippet about my new game, Kitty Powers’ Speed Date! I just wanted to tell you all about the Love-O-Tron 3000 compatibility checker, which you can use to compare and evaluate a couples’ relationship potential!

Ooh! These two look like they get on alright, don’t they!

Ooh! These two look like they get on alright, don’t they!

To make full use of the Love-O-Tron’s new and vastly improved compatibility algorithm, we’ve decide to add this fun feature! You can compare yourself with any of your friends, see how your friends would work out in a relationship, or even create your own characters to try out!

You can create a character from scratch in exactly the same way you would create your own avatar! You can go completely wild, creating way out, crazy characters, or you can try to make a character loosely based on your favourite celebrities, as I’ve done here! You can really go to town on this and come up with some wacky characters, and then find out if they stand a chance it the game of love!

Anyway, now I’ve explained it, I hope you have fun making cool matches! If you come up with any outstanding relationships, why not post them on social media? Don’t forget to tag me and the game! That’s @mskittypowers and #kittypowersspeeddate. We’d love to see the fruits of your labour!

Take Care, Kittens!

Lots of Love

Kitty Powers X