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Kitty Powers' Speed Date - Friends!

Allan Franke

Well, hello there, Kittens! It’s me again, Kitty Powers, the one and only drag queen game developer extraordinaire, and Global Lovemonger Supreme! I do hope you are all enjoying playing my new game, Kitty Powers’ Speed Date, and sharing it with all your friends!

A bustling friends list! (Names blurred to protect the innocent!)

A bustling friends list! (Names blurred to protect the innocent!)

Talking of friends, I’d like to remind you that you can add anyone on the high score leader board as a friend! Just click on their name in the table and click ‘send friend request’ in their profile! Once they’ve accepted your friend request, or you’ve accepted theirs, you will appear in each others’ friend lists. You can then track each others’ progress, and send each other on dates, or even enter them in the Love-o-tron 3000 compatibility checker! Wow! There’s so much you can do when you have friends!

When you send a friend on a date, your score will be entered on that friend’s leader board, and you can also see any other friends’ high scores. You can send a friend on a date once a day, so make it count and compete for the top spot! Oh yes! You can also win a lovely in-game reward for every friend, so the more friends you have, the more rewards you can earn! Fantasticles! The reward you receive will depend on your performance, of course!

Anyway, there’s so much to do when you have a bustling friends list, so make sure you add as many people as possible! It’s just like real life, isn’t it, Kittens!

I’d better pop off now, as I have to see a delightful young man about a dog, but before I go I’d like to point you in the direction of my shop. It’s got all the best Kitty Powers related merchandise you could ever imagine, and some that you’d never imagine in a million years! Yay! Why don’t you take a look right now at!

Bye for now, Kittens!

Love from Kitty Powers X