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Kitty Powers' Speed Date - Client of the Day

Allan Franke
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Well, hello there, Kittens! It’s me, Kitty Powers, back with some fabulous news about my game, Kitty Powers’ Speed Date! Yes! I’m so excited tell you about the brand new feature, Client of the Day, which will soon be available in the next update!

New tab! Client of the Day!

New tab! Client of the Day!

Once the update is released, if you’re an observant Kitten, you may notice a brand new tab on the main screen, the one with a rosette. Yes! That’s it! Click it, and take a look at the Client of the Day!

Client of the Day! A brand new, daily challenge, Kittens!

The Client of the Day, as the name suggests, is a special, daily challenge. This client has special requirements that must be catered for to succeed! Challenge the world for the top high score and win fabulous in-game rewards! Don’t forget, there’ll be a new challenge every day, just to keep you on your toes!

Anyway, I’m going to tootle off now, Kittens! I do hope you all enjoy my new feature, which is coming very soon! I’m looking forward to seeing all your enormous scores!

Take care

love from Kitty Powers X

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