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Kitty Powers’ Speed Date - Creating Your Avatar!

Allan Franke

Hello again, Kittens!

It’s me, Kitty Powers! I’m here again to fill you in on our new avatar creation system, and all the exciting new clothing, accessory, and hairstyle options that will be available in my new game, Kitty Powers’ Speed Date which will be out on November 22nd 2018 for FREE!

Here at Kitty Towers, all my super hard-working minions have been beavering away on a veritable plethora of brand new items you can buy to make your avatar even more unique than ever before! We’ve got new hats, hairstyles, accessories, clothing, inner and outer wear, designs, earrings, and dangly bits! How exciting!

All the items will of course affect the type your avatar will be, according to the Love-o-tron 3000 computer system! The new, improved algorithm is even more accurate than ever! Amazing!

Of course, you’ll be asked personality questions, what your good and bad habits are, what your dream job is, whether you are a vegetarian or not, whether you believe in horoscopes or not, and what your interests are. All this information, as well as your avatar’s appearance will be used to calculate your type which will determine who you are most romantically compatible with! Ooh! I can’t wait!

You’ll be able to compare your avatar to your friends to see whose is the most exciting, and most compatible, and even send your friends avatars on speed dates!

Oh yes! Before I forget, why don’t you pop over to and check out all the lovely merch that’s now available in the store! Ooh! How delightful!

Anyway, there’s so much more tell you that I can’t cram in any more exciting tit-bits here, so I’ll be back soon with more news!

Take care, Kittens!

Kitty Powers X