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Kitty Powers' Speed Date - Updates 1.3 and 1.4

Richard Franke

Hello kittens! Kitty Powers’ Speed Date is being updated to version 1.4 on iOS and Android today to clear up any issues from the previous update.


Here is a change list from both updates :-)


- Detailed online love rank information - see how many crowns, medals and trophies you’ve won!

- Candidates (and clients in your queue) wear appearance items that you’ve unlocked!

- Updated the booster screen layout.

- Added the amount of time until the star bar resets at the end of the date.

- Fixed a bug where the player’s level didn’t display on the online player screen.

- Fixed a bug where missions didn’t reset until looking at the missions screen.

- Fixed a bug where the speed date multiplier value could decrease when the ‘2x multiplier booster’ expired.

- Fixed a bug where the level up sequence would break when levelling up after reaching prestige level 1, and fixed some other small bugs related to reaching a prestige level.

- Removed the green tick from colour options when changing a characters appearance, as it caused confusion about which items could be selected.

- Other small fixes and improvements.


- Take a look around the 'Locations' screen by scrolling up and down!

- Friends can be removed from your friends list.

Kitty Powers' Speed Date - Friends!

Allan Franke

Well, hello there, Kittens! It’s me again, Kitty Powers, the one and only drag queen game developer extraordinaire, and Global Lovemonger Supreme! I do hope you are all enjoying playing my new game, Kitty Powers’ Speed Date, and sharing it with all your friends!

A bustling friends list! (Names blurred to protect the innocent!)

A bustling friends list! (Names blurred to protect the innocent!)

Talking of friends, I’d like to remind you that you can add anyone on the high score leader board as a friend! Just click on their name in the table and click ‘send friend request’ in their profile! Once they’ve accepted your friend request, or you’ve accepted theirs, you will appear in each others’ friend lists. You can then track each others’ progress, and send each other on dates, or even enter them in the Love-o-tron 3000 compatibility checker! Wow! There’s so much you can do when you have friends!

When you send a friend on a date, your score will be entered on that friend’s leader board, and you can also see any other friends’ high scores. You can send a friend on a date once a day, so make it count and compete for the top spot! Oh yes! You can also win a lovely in-game reward for every friend, so the more friends you have, the more rewards you can earn! Fantasticles! The reward you receive will depend on your performance, of course!

Anyway, there’s so much to do when you have a bustling friends list, so make sure you add as many people as possible! It’s just like real life, isn’t it, Kittens!

I’d better pop off now, as I have to see a delightful young man about a dog, but before I go I’d like to point you in the direction of my shop. It’s got all the best Kitty Powers related merchandise you could ever imagine, and some that you’d never imagine in a million years! Yay! Why don’t you take a look right now at!

Bye for now, Kittens!

Love from Kitty Powers X

Kitty Powers' Speed Date - Missions

Allan Franke

Well! Hello there, Kittens! Here I am, Kitty Powers, with another delicious nibblette of information about my new game, Kitty Powers’ Speed Date which is due for release on the 22nd of November! Ooh! The excitement!

Ooh! Deborah completed a mission and won 400 coins and some XP! Lovely! (Image not necessarily representative of final quality.)

Anyway, this time I’m going to fill you in about missions! To keep you on your Speed Dating toes, I’ll set you missions that you can complete for in-game rewards! Missions can include taking certain types of client dating, asking lots of questions, or possibly giving my pussy Regina a poke every time you see her! If you manage to satisfy my demands by successfully completing a mission, I will generously award you with anything from coins to Kitty pearls! I know, I know - it just keeps getting better and better, doesn’t it, Kitten! Ooh! I’d better mention that missions have a short cool down period, but it’s not too long, so don’t worry, Kitten!

Fill the star bar to win extra goodies!

Fill the star bar to win extra goodies!

I’d also better mention the Star Bar, which you fill by making successful relationships! If you fill your star bar within a day, you’ll win some lovely extra rewards! Isn’t that nice!

Anyway, I’m going to saunter off in the general direction of the fabulous wig shop now, but believe me, Kittens, nobody is as excited as I am to see you all enjoying playing my new game!

Ooh! Before I go, have you had a little peek in my shop yet? There’s every type of Kitty Powers merchandise your heart could ever desire over at Why not go and ‘have a butchers’, right now!

Ta-ra, Kittens!

love from Kitty Powers X

Kitty Powers' Speed Date - Client of the Day

Allan Franke
Speedate Landscape.png

Well, hello there, Kittens! It’s me, Kitty Powers, back with some fabulous news about my game, Kitty Powers’ Speed Date! Yes! I’m so excited tell you about the brand new feature, Client of the Day, which will soon be available in the next update!

New tab! Client of the Day!

New tab! Client of the Day!

Once the update is released, if you’re an observant Kitten, you may notice a brand new tab on the main screen, the one with a rosette. Yes! That’s it! Click it, and take a look at the Client of the Day!

Client of the Day! A brand new, daily challenge, Kittens!

The Client of the Day, as the name suggests, is a special, daily challenge. This client has special requirements that must be catered for to succeed! Challenge the world for the top high score and win fabulous in-game rewards! Don’t forget, there’ll be a new challenge every day, just to keep you on your toes!

Anyway, I’m going to tootle off now, Kittens! I do hope you all enjoy my new feature, which is coming very soon! I’m looking forward to seeing all your enormous scores!

Take care

love from Kitty Powers X

PS Did you know you can buy all manner of delectable Kitty Powers-related merchandise, including t-shirts, hats, badges and more, over at Why not take a look? Go on! You know you want to!

Kitty Powers' Speed Date - Love-O-Tron 3000!

Allan Franke

Hello, Kittens! Here I am again, with another little snippet about my new game, Kitty Powers’ Speed Date! I just wanted to tell you all about the Love-O-Tron 3000 compatibility checker, which you can use to compare and evaluate a couples’ relationship potential!

Ooh! These two look like they get on alright, don’t they!

Ooh! These two look like they get on alright, don’t they!

To make full use of the Love-O-Tron’s new and vastly improved compatibility algorithm, we’ve decide to add this fun feature! You can compare yourself with any of your friends, see how your friends would work out in a relationship, or even create your own characters to try out!

You can create a character from scratch in exactly the same way you would create your own avatar! You can go completely wild, creating way out, crazy characters, or you can try to make a character loosely based on your favourite celebrities, as I’ve done here! You can really go to town on this and come up with some wacky characters, and then find out if they stand a chance it the game of love!

Anyway, now I’ve explained it, I hope you have fun making cool matches! If you come up with any outstanding relationships, why not post them on social media? Don’t forget to tag me and the game! That’s @mskittypowers and #kittypowersspeeddate. We’d love to see the fruits of your labour!

Take Care, Kittens!

Lots of Love

Kitty Powers X