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Coming on the 22nd November 2018 to mobile devices!

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From the creators of ‘Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker’ and ‘Kitty Powers’ Love Life’, ‘Kitty Powers' Speed Date’ is a brand new free-to-play high speed dating sim, starring the lovemonger supreme, Kitty Powers!

Make as many matches as you can in one minute, then choose the best one from your shortlist, based on the info you've gleaned during the date!

  • Get as many matches as you can in one minute!

  • Create multiple avatars using hundreds of all new items!

  • Compare avatars with your friends to see how compatible you are!

  • Work out whether your client likes each candidate as quickly as you can!

  • Ask questions to make more informed guesses!

  • Unlock and use boosters to enhance your dates!

  • Strategically use locations such as the nightclub and gallery to gain booster effects!

  • Reach Master Date Mode to earn insights to aid your final choice!

  • See what happened afterwards with Kitty’s predictions!

  • Compete with the world on the high score table!

  • Take your friends on daily dates to get extra bonuses!

Coming on the 22nd of November to mobile devices!