Magic Notion



Who are we?

Magic Notion is an independent game developer based in Guildford in the United Kingdom.

Our aim is to make unusual and inclusive games that respect our customers, and give them maximum entertainment for their money. 

Magic Notion consists of director Richard Franke, his alter ego Kitty Powers, and a network of talented contractors.

Richard Franke/Kitty Powers

Richard has worked on many award-winning AAA games in a variety of roles and in several genres.

Highlights include:

Richard started Magic Notion Ltd in 2013 as a self-financed creative and commercial venture.

He decided to make a fun and arcadey game where the objective was to make people happy and fall in love,  as opposed to all the games about killing and destruction.

He decided to use Kitty Powers to represent the brand, in a fusion of drag theatricality and video game technology. The first drag queen game developer!

The exceptionally talented contractors we use include:

  • Ben Morris - Technical Lead

  • Gavin Hayler (of Latchkey Games) - Software Engineering

  • Daniel Thomas - Artist

  • Todd Baker - Sound Design

  • Adam Hay - Sound Design

  • Allan Franke - Writing

  • Jake Field and Randall Breneman - Music

  • Vanesa Tate - Music