Magic Notion


About Us

Magic Notion is an independent game developer based in Guildford in the United Kingdom.

Our aim is to make unusual and inclusive games that respect our customers, and give them maximum entertainment for their money. 

Game Development

We love to entertain. Make you happy. Play with your expectations. Make you think.

We make games because we love to engage our audience and craft experiences that truly involve the player.

We're not interested in making a clone of whatever is at the top of the charts, we aim to bring something new that you've never seen before, but make it accessible and inclusive for everyone.

Creative Consultancy

We also provide creative and consultancy services to other game developers.

We have many years of game development experience which we will happily bring to your project.

We believe that good teamwork is essential to the creation of a successful game, and the success of a creative team.
Our primary strengths are in holistic and rational game design, and the direction of creative teams.

Who are we?

Magic Notion consists of director Richard Franke, and a network of talented contractors.

Richard by a wall yesterday

Richard Franke

I've worked on many award-winning AAA games in a variety of roles and in several genres.

Highlights include:

I believe that the most successful games engage with their audience in a way which combines feel, charm, style and mechanics. If this is done well the player will forget about all of those things, and even that they're playing a game.

I've learned a lot of lessons over the years which has given me the ability to be creative when I need to be, but also realistic when the time comes to deliver a product.

I'm never seen in the same room as Kitty Powers either...

The exceptionally talented contractors we use include:

  • Kieran Keegan - Software Engineering
  • Ben Morris of Jetstone Studios - Software Engineering
  • Daniel Thomas - Artist
  • Todd Baker - Sound Design
  • Allan Franke - Dialogue Writing
  • Robert Franke - Photography