Magic Notion




Play love therapist
with 'help' from drag queen diva Kitty Powers!

The relationship sim with a difference!

  • Move couples into your very own 'Love Town'!
  • Read their social feeds to diagnose their problems!
    • Then give them therapy!
  • Nurture their relationships to level them up to parenthood!
    • And get a fat bonus!
  • Guide them through awkward events and sticky situations!
    • Proposals, compromises and interventions!
  • Strategically design your town to maximise your tenants' happiness levels!
    • Put the right places near the right people!
  • Unlock exciting new house types and locations!
    • Like the salon, nightclub, library and casino hotel!
  • Earn coins to buy upgrades for your HQ and town!
  • Connect with Facebook to compete with your friends and move them into your town!

and no in-app purchases!

Press resources for the game are here. Enjoy!

Screenshots (Work in Progress!)