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Magic Notion Ltd. 
Based in Guildford, United Kingdom

Founding Date
January, 2013


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Kitty Powers' Matchmaker

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Magic Notion is an independent game developer founded by Richard Franke, on a quest to make amusing, thought provoking, inclusive and original games.


Richard Franke - Founder/Director

Richard has worked in the games industry since 1996 on a string of award winning titles including:

  • Startopia (PC) - Artist

  • Urban Chaos (Dreamcast/Playstation/PC) - Artist

  • Burnout 3: Takedown (Playstation 2/XBox) - World Artist/UI Artist

  • Burnout: Revenge (Playstation 2/XBox/XBox 360/PC) - Environment Art Lead

  • BLACK (Playstation 2/XBox) - Environment Art Lead

  • Burnout Paradise (Playstation 3/XBox 360/PC) - Associate Art Director

  • Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (Playstation 3/XBox 360/PC) - World Design Consultant

  • Burnout CRASH! (iOS) - Creative Director

  • Tearaway (PS4, PS Vita) - Senior Artist

  • Dreams (PS4) - Senior Artist

Richard has also been doing drag on the side since about 2009. His alter ego 'Kitty Powers' has hosted a number of events, and stars in Magic Notion's titles 'Kitty Powers' Matchmaker', ‘Kitty Powers’ Love Life’ and ‘Kitty Powers’ Speed Date’.

Ben Morris - Technical Lead

Ben started making games as a hobbyist in 2003, before releasing his first commercial indie game in 2009.

After studying computer games programming at University, he ran a work-for-hire games company, Jet Stone Studios, from 2012 to 2016. Since then, he has worked as a contractor on all games in the Kitty Powers series.

  • Shellblast HD (Xbox Live Indie Games) - Developer

  • greenTech+ (Xbox Live Indie Games) - Developer

  • Driver: San Francisco (Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PC) - Tools Programmer

  • Fuz Rush (iOS, Android) - Developer

  • The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle: Episode 2 (iOS, Android, PC) - Programmer


Magic Notion was formed in January 2013 by Richard, shortly after he left EA Criterion.

He teamed up with Graduate Software Engineer Kieran Keegan, who had previously applied for a job at Criterion. His skill set was more appropriate for what Richard had in mind, and they began working on their first project.

Bringing in contractors when necessary, they have developed their first game 'Kitty Powers' Matchmaker' using the Unity engine.



Richard Franke

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Core Team

Richard Franke - Founder, Director, Design

Ben Morris - Technical Lead, Design

Allan Franke - Writer, Design

Daniel Thomas - Art