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Kitty's Big Matchmaker Announcement!

Richard Franke

Hello Kittens!

Kitty Powers here! The queen of gaming, and expert love diva extraordinaire!

When I released my dating sim Kitty Powers' Matchmaker on mobile and PC in 2014, I had no idea the response would be so positive! So after many fan requests, I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker will be making its way to PS4 and Xbox One on Tuesday February 7th! 

Unlucky in love? Well you can’t help your face, deary, but maybe you can help someone else find their true love by building your very own successful dating agency! With little ol’ me as your mentor and a little black book brimming with eager candidates, it's up to you to find those perfect matches-to-be and guide your clients through the nerve-wracking tribulations of dating! Want to join the excitement? You can even toss yourself into the dating pool for other matchmakers! But careful! Upset your clients and your reputation will take the fall!

Gay, straight, hipster, geek – forget about Hollywood hunks and hotties. Kitty Powers' Matchmaker believes in love for everyone, regardless of gender, sexuality, hair colour, or penchants for giant anime robots! Miaow!

Whether you’re new to Matchmaker or have played it before on the small screen, I really hope you’re looking forward to this release as much as we at Magic Notion HQ are! It looks amazeballs on the big screen!

Stay tuned at @mskittypowers on Twitter, facebook and Instagram for more news! Ta-ta!

stay classy Kittens!

Kitty xx

Season's Greetings Kittens!

Richard Franke

Well it's that time of year again kittens! Here at Kitty Towers we're already full to the brim with Christmas cheer and mince pies!

Kitty puts the mince in mince pies! 

Kitty puts the mince in mince pies! 

We're having a short break from working on our next game 'Kitty Powers' Love Life' but we will be back on it shortly, so that we can bring it to you in 2017. Keep an eye out for more updates soon!

We also have another surprise for you that we'll be announcing shortly in the New Year!

2016 has certainly been a mixed bag for some people but let's try and spread the love and make 2017 a year to remember for good reasons!

See you soon kittens! Try not to eat too much! I hope you get something nice in your fishnet stocking! ❤

Kitty Powers and the team at Magic Notion


Kitty Powers' Love Life Update!

Richard Franke

Well hello kittens, it's Kitty Powers here!

I bet you'd thought I'd done a runner, didn't you! Here at Magic Notion, we've been beavering away at the game trying to get it shipshape enough to show you! Unfortunately, it's taking a little longer than we though but that's game development for you!

The good news is that the game is approaching alpha, and we're now in a position to give you more details about the gameplay!

As you may or may not know, the game is set in a quaint little English village, but this time the village is being built by YOU! All under my watchful eye, of course!

After the success of my Matchmaking empire I've decided to expand the business to 'Love Villages' where newly matched couples can move into an environment where YOU will nurture their relationships to fruition! In this game you are not a Matchmaker but a Landlord, Relationship Counsellor and Life Coach!

This involves building houses of many styles and types and moving new couples into them! You'll also have to build 'Places of Interest' for them to work, play and spend time with their partners and friends! Oh, and enemies. Did I mention enemies? Eek! Hopefully, with your expert guidance, it won't come to that!

You'll have to guide them through thick and thin, set them on the right track when they have problems, and look after their emotional needs! All this and more will be required to get them to relationship Nirvana!

Anyway, here are some lovely screenshots to get you in the mood... for Kitty Powers' Love Life!

Obviously all of this will happen with the usual silly humour that you've come to expect from me and the team at Magic Notion. We'll be updating you with more details over the coming weeks as the game takes more shape, so don't worry about that!

Feel free to ask questions on our various social media channels! You can find me, Love Life and Magic Notion on Facebook, and me and Magic Notion on Twitter. You can also follow me on Instagram!

Lots of love,

Kitty Powers xxx

GaymerX 4!

Richard Franke
Click the image for more info!

Click the image for more info!

Hello Kittens!

we thought it was about time we posted an update, and since Kitty Powers was at GaymerX last week we thought it was a good idea to tell you about it!

It was an honour when Matt Conn asked Kitty to be a 'Boss of Honour' at the event this year! She grabbed her assistant Kerry and jumped straight on a plane (with several suitcases full of outfits!). 

GaymerX is an LGBTQ gaming convention which is designed to give all gaming fans, whatever they might identify as, a place to socialise, connect, and enjoy their hobbies without fear of harassment or bullying. It took place from Friday September 30th to Sunday October 2nd in Santa Clara, California. You can read more about GaymerX here.

On Friday, Kitty hosted her 'Fabulous Nerdy Game Show' for the first time! Two teams of speakers from the convention, (Matt Conn, David Gaider, Mark Barlet, Tim Cain, Strix, Steffeny 'Steffo' Messinger, and Laura Kate Dale) competed for the honour of winning the title of 'Kitty's Nerdiest Kittens' by answering video game trivia and audio and picture puzzles in front of a live audience! The audience even got the chance to help the teams out in their times of need! It was a close match but the winners were the 'Blowhards' team (they had whistles for buzzers ;-) ) and they walked home with the title!

Day 2 featured the drag show where Kitty strutted her stuff on the stage as a guest of KaiKai Bee Michaels! Kitty lipsynched to a mash up of Lady Gaga's 'Applause' and the Pokemon theme tune! The show also featured Rock M. Sakura, Cash Monet, Chaka Corn, Scarlett Letters and Scroto T. Baggins!

On Day 3 Kitty hosted the Cosplay Pageant with Matt Conn, which was a cavalcade of amazing outfits! So much work went into the costumes it was a dazzling display of inventiveness and artistry! Prizes went to Roadhog, Ivysaur, the Evee brothers, and many more!

Overall it was a great event and everyone had a lovely time. We will definitely be back for more! Stay tuned! <3

Special Effect - One Special Day 2016

Richard Franke

Video games industry counts down to 'One Special Day' for charity

Magic Notion are supporting SpecialEffect by donating the day's Steam revenue for Kitty Powers' Matchmaker towards their One Special Day initiative on 15 July 2016.

Following in the footsteps of other sectors such as comedy with Comic Relief and Football with Socceraid, the games industry have declared 15 July 2016 as their inaugural 'One Special Day' benefit with all proceeds going to UK-based charity SpecialEffect.

Companies from across the industry will be donating 100% of that day’s sales of one or more games, advertising revenue, in-app purchases, DLC or income from a dedicated activity or promotion.

The event will kick off with a celebration party on Friday 14 July at the Develop Conference in Brighton. Other activities will include an online auction of rare and collectable gaming merchandise, due to commence on 8 July, and a showcase at the Ukie Westminster reception on 6 July to celebrate the inclusion and creativity of the UK games industry.

The industry hopes to raise £25,000 for the charity.

All the proceeds will be channelled into the work that SpecialEffect do to help gamers with disabilities. Gamers like Tom, a 26 year-old who has spinal muscular atrophy and very little movement in his fingers.

"With SpecialEffect's help I was able to play for the first time in years,” he said, "And nothing can describe the feeling that gave me. So many things in life are limited because of my condition, but when I play a video game I'm in a world where the only limits are the ones I allow to be there."

SpecialEffect CEO Dr Mick Donegan said, “We’re honoured that the games industry are being loud and proud about supporting our work in helping people with all kinds of physical disabilities to play video games. Games are an amazing medium through which people make friends, socialise and come together for a common cause. With the help of the funds raised through One Special Day, we can extend a gaming welcome to people who would otherwise be excluded.”

One Special Day is open to all companies working in the games industry. To find out more, visit or contact Nick Streeter, SpecialEffect Fundraiser, on 01608 810055 or

Twitter: @onespecialday16