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Kitty Powers' Matchmaker Update - Avatar Letters!

Richard Franke

Hello again Kittens!

We're pleased to tell you that the update for Kitty Powers' Matchmaker goes live today on both Apple and Android devices.

In fact the iOS build is already live, and the Android update will be available later today.

This update includes a bunch of bug fixes, plus an improvement to the Avatar data system, which means that you should see more Avatar letters than you did previously.

An Avatar Letter!

An Avatar Letter!

The way Avatar Letters work is that when your anonymous avatar is being sent on dates by other players, the data is uploaded to our database. When enough data has been collected, the 'Love-O-Tron' algorithm calculates who your 'Dream Date' would be and also who you should avoid!

You won't get more than one letter a day, and your avatar will need to have been on enough dates before enough data will be generated, so everybody should update and get dating so we can all find out who our 'Dream Date' is! How exciting!