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GX Australia!

Richard Franke

Hello kittens! It's Kitty here!

I just got back from an epic trip around the world, and along the way I was asked by the organisers, Liam Esler (@liamesler) and Joshua Meadows (@joshuameadows) to appear at GX Australia as a boss of honour! It was a real treat!

I met lots of lovely game developers and fans from around the world, did a couple of panels and even hosted the cosplay competition!

The first panel I did was the 'romance in video games' panel, which consisted of Snow MacNally (@SnowMcNally), Liam Esler, David Gaider (@davidgaider), Lauren Clinnick (@laurclinn), and me (@mskittypowers)!

It was very interesting to hear all the diverse opinions about love in video games!

Later that day I did my own panel where Josh and I played Kitty Powers' Matchmaker together and I explained the finer details of how all the stupid stuff in it was made ;-)

It was actually hilarious, even when my mouse started controlling the game from in my bag!

I met loads of lovely people there with their indie games or selling amazing merch. I was particularly fond of the Nekochii stall where I spent a lot of money on cat ears, cat bells and Hyrulean rupees!

"I'll have a pair in every colour!"  @nekochii_art

"I'll have a pair in every colour!" @nekochii_art

Mmm... lovely rupees!  @nekochii_art

Mmm... lovely rupees! @nekochii_art

I also met some amazing pro cosplayers at the show including Rae Johnston (@raejohnston) and That Lola Bunny (@variablecosplay) whose costumes were stunning!

Rae Johnston (@raejohnston)

Rae Johnston (@raejohnston)

That Lola Bunny (@variablecosplay)

That Lola Bunny (@variablecosplay)

On day 2 I met some press people and wandered around the show in my new pink wig which I'd been up all night backcombing!

We met some awesome table top role players, including @GMTim from Canada who gave me his pink dice for rolling two 20's in a row!

Me rolling a twenty on a d20! I did it twice in a row! So they let me keep the pink set of dice! Bless them <3

Me rolling a twenty on a d20! I did it twice in a row! So they let me keep the pink set of dice! Bless them <3

Then in the afternoon it was time for the cosplay competition which I was hosting!

The competition was very exciting as there were a lot of cool costumes and the crowd was extra lovely! I don't think I've ever met such a jolly bunch!

Overall the show was a great success and I had an amazing time!

Hopefully I'll get invited back (if I wasn't too obnoxious!) lol <3