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Kitty Powers' Speed Date - Decision Time!

Allan Franke

Hello Kittens! It’s me, Kitty Powers, with more exciting news about my latest game, Kitty Powers’ Speed Date! If you didn’t know already, it’s due for release on all mobile platforms on November 22nd, and best of all it will be absolutely free! You’ll even be able to watch optional advertisements for free in-game rewards! You can’t beat free stuff can you, Kittens! Lovely!

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Anyway, let me carry on filling you in with all the delightful details of Kitty Powers’ Speed Date! At the end of every speed dating event, you’ll be presented with a list of the best potential matches that you made (up to a maximum of eight), then you’ll have to pick which one is the best of the best! You do this by comparing the characters and their likes and dislikes in the profile comparison screen! The more information you’ve revealed about each character, the easier it will be! Hurray!

Also, bear in mind that if you want a truly humongous high score, you’ll need to get at least eight potential matches and then find the best match of that eight! It’s because your score is doubled for finding the top match!

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Another thing to note is, that once you have found eight potential matches during the speed date event, you will then earn an insight for each additional potential match you make! More about that in another article, though! I wouldn’t want confuse you with too many details at once!

Well, that’s enough from me for one day, don’t you think, Kittens? Just before I go, I’d like to point you in the general direction of my merchandise store which can be found at! There are all sorts of goodies over there, including hats, t-shirts, leggings and pin badges! Yay!

Anyway, I’d better tootle off now! I’ve got extremely important business to attend to!

take care, Kittens!

Kitty Powers X