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GaymerX 4!

Richard Franke
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Hello Kittens!

we thought it was about time we posted an update, and since Kitty Powers was at GaymerX last week we thought it was a good idea to tell you about it!

It was an honour when Matt Conn asked Kitty to be a 'Boss of Honour' at the event this year! She grabbed her assistant Kerry and jumped straight on a plane (with several suitcases full of outfits!). 

GaymerX is an LGBTQ gaming convention which is designed to give all gaming fans, whatever they might identify as, a place to socialise, connect, and enjoy their hobbies without fear of harassment or bullying. It took place from Friday September 30th to Sunday October 2nd in Santa Clara, California. You can read more about GaymerX here.

On Friday, Kitty hosted her 'Fabulous Nerdy Game Show' for the first time! Two teams of speakers from the convention, (Matt Conn, David Gaider, Mark Barlet, Tim Cain, Strix, Steffeny 'Steffo' Messinger, and Laura Kate Dale) competed for the honour of winning the title of 'Kitty's Nerdiest Kittens' by answering video game trivia and audio and picture puzzles in front of a live audience! The audience even got the chance to help the teams out in their times of need! It was a close match but the winners were the 'Blowhards' team (they had whistles for buzzers ;-) ) and they walked home with the title!

Day 2 featured the drag show where Kitty strutted her stuff on the stage as a guest of KaiKai Bee Michaels! Kitty lipsynched to a mash up of Lady Gaga's 'Applause' and the Pokemon theme tune! The show also featured Rock M. Sakura, Cash Monet, Chaka Corn, Scarlett Letters and Scroto T. Baggins!

On Day 3 Kitty hosted the Cosplay Pageant with Matt Conn, which was a cavalcade of amazing outfits! So much work went into the costumes it was a dazzling display of inventiveness and artistry! Prizes went to Roadhog, Ivysaur, the Evee brothers, and many more!

Overall it was a great event and everyone had a lovely time. We will definitely be back for more! Stay tuned! <3