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Kitty Powers' Speed Date - Bonuses!

Allan Franke
Speedate Landscape.png

Hello, Kittens! It’s me, Kitty Powers! I hope you’re all enjoying the recent updates, making lots of friends and sending each other on speed dates! Anyway, I just want to make sure you all know how to maximise your coin, XP and Kitty pearl bonuses, so I’m going to give you a quick run down!

Firstly, there’s a lovely new button which tells you the rewards for the Client of the Day or the global leader board rewards! It’s a small button marked with an ‘i’ for information! Yes! That’s it! Just click to find out the rewards! How useful!

Quick! Tap that flying coin!

Quick! Tap that flying coin!

As you probably know, you earn coins and XP at the end of the date, when your rewards are tallied up. You can also earn extra coins by clicking on my pussy, Regina, whenever you see her during a date, or by clicking the coins that fly across the screen! Not only that, but you can earn extra pearls when you see them flying across the screen! You’ve got to be quick to catch a pearl, though, as they are very fast!

Another way to earn extra goodies is by watching an advertisement at the end of the date! The better your performance, the better the rewards you receive! Just think of all those lovely free goodies!

Complete missions for extra in-game rewards!

Complete missions for extra in-game rewards!

Yet another way to earn extra loot is to complete missions for me! Each mission has it’s own rewards. Just take a look at the missions by clicking on the missions button in the home screen! It all just keeps getting better and better!

Anyway, That’s enough info for now! I’ll let you get back to playing Kitty Powers’ Speed Date! There’s a never-ending supply of lonely singletons just itching to go speed dating!

Before I go, why not take look at my shop where you can find all manner of delightful Kitty Powers’ related clothing and accessory items! Ooh! It’s all waiting for you over at!

Bye for now, Kittens!

Love from Kitty Powers X