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Kitty Powers' Speed Date - Updates 1.3 and 1.4

Richard Franke

Hello kittens! Kitty Powers’ Speed Date is being updated to version 1.4 on iOS and Android today to clear up any issues from the previous update.


Here is a change list from both updates :-)


- Detailed online love rank information - see how many crowns, medals and trophies you’ve won!

- Candidates (and clients in your queue) wear appearance items that you’ve unlocked!

- Updated the booster screen layout.

- Added the amount of time until the star bar resets at the end of the date.

- Fixed a bug where the player’s level didn’t display on the online player screen.

- Fixed a bug where missions didn’t reset until looking at the missions screen.

- Fixed a bug where the speed date multiplier value could decrease when the ‘2x multiplier booster’ expired.

- Fixed a bug where the level up sequence would break when levelling up after reaching prestige level 1, and fixed some other small bugs related to reaching a prestige level.

- Removed the green tick from colour options when changing a characters appearance, as it caused confusion about which items could be selected.

- Other small fixes and improvements.


- Take a look around the 'Locations' screen by scrolling up and down!

- Friends can be removed from your friends list.