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Kitty Powers' Speed Date - Strategies!

Allan Franke

Hiya, Kittens! Here I am, Kitty Powers, back with some super handy strategies for all you eager speed dating beavers out there!

Well, it’s quite a big topic, but you can break it down into two strategies. The first, and probably the less risky method, is to ask each candidate a question or two, which earns you points, and then make a quick decision based on their answers, AND their appearance. With some trickier candidates, you may need to ask more questions, but better that than to lose your huge x10 multiplier! And remember, the more questions you ask during the date event, the more information will be revealed when it comes to Decision Time, increasing your chance of finding the best match!

The second strategy is to only go by the appearance of a candidate, and not ask any questions, or at least only ask a question when it’s absolutely necessary. This method is fast, but you risk losing your hard-earned x10 multiplier if you get it wrong, because as the saying goes, sometimes you can’t judge a book by it’s cover! This method could get you a huge score, if you get a lot of Insights, AND you can find the Best Match at Decision Time!

Why not give both these methods a try! You never know, you might end up in the top spot on the Global High Score table! Maybe you even have your own strategy you like to use! Let us know if you do!

Are you sure you want to risk your 10X multiplier? Maybe you should ask a question!

Anyway, Kittens! I hope all that juicy info helps on your quest to find love for as many people as possible! And, don’t forget to check out my awesome merchandise over at! Kitty Powers related T-shirts, hats, legging and more! It’s quite delightful!

Back soon, Kittens!

Kitty Powers X