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Kitty Powers' Speed Date - The Egg Festival!

Richard Franke

Hello kittens!

It’s me, Kitty Powers here again to fill you in on the exciting new feature update to Kitty Powers’ Speed Date that’s arriving very shortly this week!

Ooh! It’s the Egg Festival!

Ooh! It’s the Egg Festival!

That’s right! The Egg festival is starting later this week and will be active for the next few weeks!

During the festival you’ll be able to compete in a variety of challenges to win Deluxe Spin Tokens! These will allow you to spin the Wonder Wheel Deluxe with a chance to win one of several unique avatar items including the fluffy scarf, the bunny ears, the 3D glasses, or the high visibility jacket!

The regular Wonder Wheel!

The regular Wonder Wheel!

Every challenge will have a scoreboard that runs for 3 days. If you place high enough on the challenge scoreboard, you’ll win Deluxe Spin Tokens. Challenges involve scoring points for collecting stars, getting time bonus combos, clicking on Regina or coins, and picking good candidates in the final decision! All of these can only be done in the main Speed Date game mode. How exciting!

We’re also adding a regular Wonder Wheel which you can spin with regular spin tokens that are won by levelling up locations, voting in Yay or Nay mode and other ways.

In addition to that we’ve improved Yay or Nay mode by allowing you to view the top 10 scoring characters.

There will be a new festival every month, and each festival will carry its own unique avatar items. Those items can only be won during the relevant festival, so make the most of it while it lasts!

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