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Kitty Powers' Speed Date - Missions

Allan Franke

Well! Hello there, Kittens! Here I am, Kitty Powers, with another delicious nibblette of information about my new game, Kitty Powers’ Speed Date which is due for release on the 22nd of November! Ooh! The excitement!

Ooh! Deborah completed a mission and won 400 coins and some XP! Lovely! (Image not necessarily representative of final quality.)

Anyway, this time I’m going to fill you in about missions! To keep you on your Speed Dating toes, I’ll set you missions that you can complete for in-game rewards! Missions can include taking certain types of client dating, asking lots of questions, or possibly giving my pussy Regina a poke every time you see her! If you manage to satisfy my demands by successfully completing a mission, I will generously award you with anything from coins to Kitty pearls! I know, I know - it just keeps getting better and better, doesn’t it, Kitten! Ooh! I’d better mention that missions have a short cool down period, but it’s not too long, so don’t worry, Kitten!

Fill the star bar to win extra goodies!

Fill the star bar to win extra goodies!

I’d also better mention the Star Bar, which you fill by making successful relationships! If you fill your star bar within a day, you’ll win some lovely extra rewards! Isn’t that nice!

Anyway, I’m going to saunter off in the general direction of the fabulous wig shop now, but believe me, Kittens, nobody is as excited as I am to see you all enjoying playing my new game!

Ooh! Before I go, have you had a little peek in my shop yet? There’s every type of Kitty Powers merchandise your heart could ever desire over at Why not go and ‘have a butchers’, right now!

Ta-ra, Kittens!

love from Kitty Powers X